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US Policy Scan 2019

After two years of Republican control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, many wait with bated breath for the 116th Congress to commence. Democrats emerged from the midterm elections in control of the House of Representatives, allowing them to block much of President Trump’s agenda and exercise the oversight and investigatory powers that Republicans have largely abdicated since Trump took office. Meanwhile, in the Senate, Republicans not only maintained but expanded their majority, allowing them to continue to install more Trump nominees to the federal judiciary and defend the president and his policies.

The partisan divide between parties and the ideological divide within parties is wider and deeper than ever, thanks in no small part to a President who likes to stoke the fires of discord. The House is younger, bluer and more diverse than ever. The Senate—stalwart Trump supporters virtually to a man. Meanwhile, the President wields his authority with ever more abandon, making cabinet changes and shuffling senior staff at a record pace.

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In Policy Scan 2019, Dentons’ US Public Policy team’s annual analysis of the legislative and political landscape, we take a close look at the issues, questions and conflicts that will dominate the dialogue on Capitol Hill and in the White House over the coming year. We look at the politics surrounding health care reform, including drug pricing debate; climate change; financial services regulation; tax cuts; foreign relations; trade; immigration; infrastructure; agriculture; homeland security; voting rights, campaign finance and ethics laws; and other policy whirlpools (and stagnant waters).

Other features include:

  • 2019 Congressional Calendars
  • New Committee Chairs and Rankers
  • Divided Government Successes and Failures
  • Freshman Snapshots
  • Senators up in 2020
  • Congressional Oversight is Coming
  • Shaping the Federal Courts

And as in years past, we also include a review of state legislative activity in 2018, and an overview of pending legislation and the policy drivers that will shape state legislative and executive branch activity in 2019.

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