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Volunteer clean up days

By Matt West

I use MARTA several times a week and am an avid supporter of the system. Often when I’m at a station waiting for the next train to arrive, I’ll walk around and pick up trash and take a look at the graffiti and grime that often cover the walls and benches.
By Matt West

Some stations are cleaner than others, and I’ve watched MARTA maintenance employees sweeping and emptying trash containers at several stations. I’m certainly grateful for the hard work of all those employees, but I also feel like MARTA belongs to all of us, and in a sense we’re all responsible for keeping the stations clean and maintained.

Wouldn’t it be great if MARTA developed a volunteer program and regularly held community cleanup days where MARTA riders, neighbors and other interested groups and individuals could come together and mop the floors, scrub the walls, touch up paint, or whatever needs to be done to make each of the stations look great — places the whole city could take pride in.

Just a few hours on a Saturday morning with a handful of dedicated volunteers could make a huge difference in the appearance and atmosphere of our MARTA stations, in addition to strengthening the relationship between MARTA and the local community.


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