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#YesOnOne: Vote YES for the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment

Michael Halicki, Executive Director of Park Pride

Tuesday November 6th is Election Day, and the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment (GOSA) is the first amendment on the ballot. I am writing to encourage you, one final time, to vote YES on Amendment 1.  

By voting yes, you will be saying yes to protecting Georgia’s waters and lands by dedicating a portion of the existing sales tax on sporting goods. Without raising taxes, you will authorize the state to set aside $20 million per year – that’s $200 million over the next 10 years – to support projects consistent with the state’s established goals for conservation. These projects will protect lands critical to clean drinking water, support local parks and trails, and help to maintain and improve areas to fish and hunt. 

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There are several arguments to be made to support the GOSA, which I will briefly outline:  

  • Environmental – Natural resources like clean water and land are finite. If we do not protect them, they will not be here for future generations.  
  • Economic – The outdoor recreation industry pumps $27 billion into our economy each year. This industry, among others, relies on access to land and clean water. By protecting land and clean water, you will support this sector of Georgia’s economy.
  • Health – Local parks and trails are essential to a healthy, active lifestyle, and the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment will support parks and trails.    

The reasons to vote for the GOSA are plentiful and the arguments against it are few. In these days of divisive and divided politics, Amendment 1 enjoys broad, bi-partisan support (only one Georgia State legislator voted against the amendment). I have heard it said that GOSA is THE “non-political” political decision facing voters.

For further reading, I encourage you to visit the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment website and/or listen to / read the below articles:

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to vote! And when you do, vote YES on Amendment 1! Share your post-vote selfies and let us know why you “voted yes on 1” using the hashtag #yesonone.

IF you have already voted, you may feel you have done your part. Wrong! We need you to spread the word to the voters that are scrambling for details last minute on the ballot’s amendments as they head to the polls. Share that you voted YES on AMENDMENT #1 and why. Your voice matters, and it is time to use that voice to pick up votes. Let’s make some noise!  

Here are some suggested Facebook and Twitter messages that you can share right now with your networks – simply copy and paste:

[bctt tweet=”I voted YES on Amendment 1, the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment, to protect clean water and land for my kids and future generations. #yesonone https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=AX6anJiGyUg” username=”ParkPride”] [bctt tweet=”I voted YES on Amendment 1, the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment, because it protects land and clean drinking water with no new taxes! #yesonone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7U557bygwc” username=”ParkPride”] [bctt tweet=”I voted YES on Amendment 1, the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment, because it will help to acquire and improve parks and trails in cities and counties throughout the state! #yesonone https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=29&v=j_vH7o-0lLw” username=”ParkPride”]

The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment has been championed by a coalition of nonprofits, including: The Nature Conservancy in Georgia, The Trust for Public Land, Park Pride, Georgia Conservancy, The Conservation Fund, and the Georgia Wildlife Federation.


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