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Atlanta Community Food Bank wins grant to help low-income folks buy fresh produce

The Atlanta Community Food Bank has received a grant of $250,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help low-income folks buy more fruits and vegetables. The funding is likely to help offset the impact of a food desert that stretches across a swath of Atlanta – an area where fresh produce can be hard to find.

Dead zone in Gulf of Mexico largest ever, as Georgia awaits ruling on water flow to Florida

The federal climate agency on Wednesday reported the annual dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest on record – about the size of New Jersey. The report comes as Georgia awaits a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court over the amount of water that flows from Georgia into Florida. Florida says the flow is insufficient to support the oyster habitat in the Apalachicola Bay.

Transit politics: MARTA vows commitment to SW ATL; mayoral candidate retorts

Either MARTA intends to expand transit service in Southwest Atlanta, or MARTA and Atlanta are collaborating to bury Southwest Atlanta in favor of building a rail line to Emory University and its gridlocked Clifton Road corridor. At Atlanta City Hall on Wednesday, MARTA talked about its commitment to Southwest, and mayoral candidate Vincent Fort raised the Clifton corridor issue.

Proposal to use Atlanta’s surplus property for affordable housing hits snag at City Hall

The idea sounds simple enough – provide Atlanta’s surplus property for use as construction sites for housing that’s affordable for a schoolteacher. Pending legislation to do just that uncorked a wide-reaching debate Tuesday among members of the Atlanta City Council over the city’s past and present efforts to promote a range of housing prices in the city.

Journalist who fought coal ash dump in Jesup wins Greenlaw’s Environmental Championship Award

Newspaper co-owner and president Dink NeSmith and The Press-Sentinel, of Jesup, will receive Greenlaw’s Special Media Recognition for Environmental Championship Award for their efforts to expose plans for a coal ash dump in Wayne County. The dump’s operator withdrew its 2015 application in April.