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Creating a LINC to like-minded professionals


According to the late, great Muhammad Ali, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” His words serve as a cornerstone for the reason I’m a community volunteer.

I’ve been fortunate to pursue the life I have always wanted, but there are many people that don’t have access to opportunities for educational, professional, and financial growth and advancement. That’s why volunteerism is critical, as it ensures that people’s basic needs do not go unmet and opportunities to thrive, grow, and learn are not lost. In addition to having the chance to help those in need, serving my community has allowed me to transform my own life. Through both new and old skill building, I’m making an impact on my community. Volunteerism has also broadened my interests after participating in activities outside of my comfort zone, while simultaneously sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

Creating a LINC to like-minded professionals
Deciding to volunteer alongside professionals as a United Way of Greater Atlanta Lead. Impact. Network. Change. (LINC) member has proven to be advantageous. I’ve cultivated relationships with individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and I’ve connected with people that have common interests and shared goals on a regular basis.

lincphotoEqually important, serving with LINC also presents a lot of opportunities for me to empower individuals in my community and collaborate with others to develop and implement strategic solutions to societal issues. Most recently, I was able to support the career development of high-school students at the SaturDAY of Service through relationship building, college awareness, and interview preparation. To view the full Facebook gallery, click here.

 National Do Something Nice Day: An opportunity for impact
It’s been an honor to positively impact communities on an individual and systemic level through the community service projects offered through United Way/LINC. And whether or not you’re a member of LINC, don’t forget, October 5th, is National Do Something Nice Day – how will you do something nice for your community? Checking out United Way of Greater Atlanta’s volunteer opportunities is a great place to start.

theahallThea Hall is a School Counselor at DeKalb County School District and LINC member. For more information on LINC, click here.


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