Ryan Gravel's Moment wasn't conceiving the BeltLine, it was when others embraced it

I thought BeltLine visionary Ryan Gravel would say his Moment was when he looked at a map of the city of Atlanta, saw the 1800s-era railroad tracks outlined and had an “ah-ha” moment. He says he’s often asked if the idea came to him all at once, but it actually marinated slowly, sparked during his senior year in college when he rode trains all over Paris and later when he returned to the traffic-clogged streets of metro Atlanta.

“My moment was in 2003, when I realized we might actually build the BeltLine,” he said.
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Shirley Franklin's most amazing Moment just might be her next one

SaportaReport is re-running Season One of Moments for your enjoyment. This column originally published in January 2012.

When we sat down with former Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin in the conference room of her new office at Purpose Built Communities where she is now the CEO, she was clear she wanted her Moment to be “strategic.” It wasn’t until we were packed up and leaving a little later that we truly understood her meaning – giving us a sense that she’s been strategic since she was a young child in a Philadelphia dance class.
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Atlanta Falcons, young dancers score points on sheer resolve

The work ethic and energy of the dancers from Moving in the Spirit is remarkable.

Every day they are moving against the tide of childhood obesity, too common in poorer neighborhoods. Their personal work ethic contrasts to the cheating educators in the Atlanta Public Schools, where many of these dancers learn.

Their Holiday Store helps teach them financial literacy and credit lessons that too few of us grasp.