'Free State of Jones' portrays shared humanity despite race and class

Like its hero, Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey), “Free State of Jones” finds itself caught between two opposing sides. Northerners interested in the Civil War don’t want to hear about good Southerners. And Southerners interested in the Civil War don’t want to hear about bad Southerners.

“Free State of Jones,” an entertaining and perceptive picture, offers both. Plus, it’s a true story.

Alice Through the Looking Glass, Depp

'Alice Through the Looking Glass' – Take cue from Hollywood execs and run

So many of us read “Alice Through the Looking Glass” when we were young that that I’m sure we all remember the famous opening scene where Alice, having taken over as captain from her deceased father, steers her sailing ship through a deadly storm.

Oh, you don’t? Well, brace yourself because that’s how “Alice Through the Looking Glass” begins. And that’s only the first of repeated offenses this blasphemous atrocity commits against Lewis Carroll, to say nothing of billions of “Alice” fans.

Tom Hanks

'A Hologram for the King' allows Tom Hanks to portray re-birth of a life

In the pensive and nimble “A Hologram for the King,” Tom Hanks isn’t waiting for Godot. But he might as well be.

Hanks plays Alan Clay, once one of the best salesmen at one of the best companies in America: Schwinn Bicycles. But then he became part of a move to outsource most of the company’s labor to China (“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he ruefully explains) and before long, Schwinn was a mere shadow of itself, with hundreds of employees out of a job. (One of Alan’s recurring nightmares is the day he had to lay off all those people).

Jonathan Jarvis Judy forte

National Park Service hits home with King-Carter exhibit – possible peek into future

An axis of peace. That’s probably the best way to define the relationship between two of Atlanta’s greatest leaders and their families – the late Martin Luther King Jr. and former President Jimmy Carter.

It is a special multi-layered relationship that keeps building upon a shared foundation of non-violence, human and civil rights. And both MLK Jr. and Carter were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts.

The year the music died

The passing this year of so many who gave music a creative spark comes at a particularly ominous time. Last year, for the first time ever, golden oldies — more precisely, music that was 18 months old or older, outsold new releases. However much you like Lefty Frizzell or the Stones or Basie, this is not a positive sign.

Ralph Abernathy III's Exit Interview: The curse of cancer and civil rights celebrity

Ralph David Abernathy III had been suffering severely for more than year, battling Stage 4 colon cancer while also valiantly fighting to honor and refresh his late father’s legacy. Yesterday, the son of civil rights icon and Martin King Jr’s best friend, Ralph Abernathy Jr., was eulogized and buried. Abernathy III died two days short of his 57th birthday.