For greater inner peace, sanctify your living space

When Lent begins Wednesday, so does six weeks of sacrifice that is supposed to help a person get closer to God. Another way there is to move your furniture. That’s what some Atlantans have learned through the course “Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home” at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. Furniture, décor, lighting or atmosphere can serve as a portal to the individual’s peace, contentment, or positivity. “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again,” said comparative religions scholar Joseph Campbell.

Color Runs: The Peachtree Road Race’s millennial offspring

The Peachtree Road Race on July 4 is rooted in a time when running wasn’t popular. Out on the multicolored, millennial fringes of outdoor recreation for young adults, the clenched-teeth grind is passé.

By turning up the party, color runs have become a popular mixing zone for socializing, sweating, and social media. If anything was tailor made for the selfie and the “unique shareable experiences” craved by the millennial generation, it’s a color run.

Buckhead CID plans precisely for public gardens along Peachtree Road

It takes thousands and thousands of flowering plants to keep the Buckhead business district looking like a million dollars.

Just last week, the Buckhead Community Improvement District went to market with a request for proposals to maintain all the greenery in public spaces within the CID. Proposals are due Nov. 18 and, keeping in step with the times, questions are being accepted only by eco-friendly email.

The greenscape request for proposals provides an insight into the level of detail the Buckhead CID pays to its common spaces. Consider the requisites for only the seasonal color on the segment of Peachtree Road from Maple Drive to Peachtree Dunwoody Road: