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Authorities arrest training center protest support leaders, paint movement as criminal organization

Leaders of a legal support organization for protesters against Atlanta’s public safety training center were arrested on fraud and money laundering charges on May 31 as Gov. Brian Kemp and other authorities painted the entire protest movement as a “criminal organization” of terrorists.  Protesters called it an attack on free speech and planned a rally […]

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Georgia Tech emails about ‘Cop City’ post censorship read like an unfunny sitcom

Concern about the “inflammatory” use of the term “Cop City” was one reason behind Georgia Tech’s censorship last month of a student journalist’s first-person account of critical reporting on Atlanta’s controversial public safety training center, internal emails reveal. The emails read like a script for a sitcom about self-important bureaucrats and butt-covering bosses screwing up […]

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Lawsuit threatened over claims public safety training center work began without runoff-control ponds

A DeKalb County commissioner and an environmental group are threatening to sue over claims that site-clearing for Atlanta’s public safety training center began without required runoff-prevention ponds, causing nearby stream pollution. District 6 Commissioner Ted Terry and the South River Watershed Alliance (SRWA) made the claim – rooted in an alleged lack of sediment-capturing ponds […]

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Journalist files federal lawsuit over police interrogation at public safety training center site

A journalist who was detained and pressured to delete video by police at Atlanta’s public safety training center site has filed a federal lawsuit alleging civil rights violations that are part of a pattern of retaliation against free speech. The detention last year of Michael Watchulonis while covering the “Defend the Atlanta Forest” protests was […]

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U.S. agency quietly shuts down monitoring device key to training center pollution debate, sewage control

A stream sediment monitoring device that gathers data key to a pollution dispute about the Atlanta public safety training center’s permit was quietly shut down by a federal agency 10 days after an appeal filing in a move that may also affect a consent decree on sewage problems. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the […]

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City Council quietly changes training center committee’s membership and meetings

The Atlanta City Council has quietly approved legislation that appears to reform the membership and appointments of the public safety training center’s controversial advisory committee and allow it to meet much less frequently. Approved May 1 after three meetings where it had no discussion or explanation, the resolution’s immediate effect on the Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee (CSAC) is […]