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These 50 Potential Projects Offer Vision for Region’s Transit Future

By: Paul Donsky, Atlanta Regional Commission

Here’s an intriguing blank slate, sky’s-the-limit question: what should metro Atlanta’s transit network look like in the future? The kicker: You don’t have to factor in cost.

Every few years, transportation planners and local officials come together to provide an answer, creating a detailed project list that serves as a long-range vision for transit in the Atlanta region.

The latest iteration is hot off the presses, having recently been OK’d by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Learn more about the projects involved in “Concept 3,” and check out an interactive map here.


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  1. fs January 28, 2019 1:01 pm

    FINALLY, it seems as tho MORROW is INCLUDED in Metro Atl GROWTH/ TRANSIT plans. Morrow has been a ‘step child’ btwn Atl & Airport. NOW, growth is bubbling, etc. People are also finally catching up to the area. THIS BEGAN WITH MARTA/ Clayton Cty. 1st restoring bus service. Now, by rapid rail. Transit continues to show its importance in MORROW, & other formerly ‘deprived’ areas. EMBRACE DIVERSITY, don’t shun it.Report


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