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Atlanta City Council candidate Q and A: Ricky Brown

Ricky Brown, candidate for Atlanta City Council District 3. Credit: Courtesy Ricky Brown

Ricky Brown, candidate for Atlanta City Council District 3. Credit: Courtesy Ricky Brown

Atlanta City Council would be the first elected office for candidate Ricky Brown. He spoke to Saporta Report via email.

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Q: What’s your No. 1 concern for District 3 specifically?

A: Safety, employment and equality.

Q: What could you do as a Council member about that?

A: Work closely with: the city, all diverse groups in my community and with public safety officials.

Q: What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of? It could be professional, personal, civic.

A: I am proud of my own success story of redemption. My story is one that many in my district are personally familiar with in their own lives. The hard fact is that many men and women have been plagued with a criminal record and find the path to recovery one that is hard without true leadership they can pattern after. Also, see question 7.

Q: What’s an uncomfortable truth the next Council needs to face?

A: Racism among our LGBT community and domestic violence primarily due to lack of employment opportunities as well as gentrification.

Q: What’s something council has gotten right in the last four to eight years?

A: Building a new Mercedes-Benz stadium in the heart of the district.

Q: What’s something council has gotten wrong or failed to do in the last four to eight years?

A: Negotiate to have the immediate community that has been affected for jobs at the new Mercedes stadium and allowing the residents of District 3 a discount on tickets. Many will never be able to purchase a ticket to even see the inside of this new magnificent landmark.

Q: Bottom line, overall, why should people vote for you? What’s your pitch to the voters?

A: I am a mirrored reflection of the citizens of my district. I am a business owner that has employer over 400 men, women and veterans through my staffing company. I have been instrumental in reaching the core of what drives my district and feel I am more in touch with the real issues that directly affect everyone in District 3.

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Maggie Lee is a freelance reporter who's been covering Georgia and metro Atlanta government and politics since 2008.


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