Alex Wan, Felicia raMoore, Rohit Malhot

Felicia Moore and Alex Wan promise a more independent Atlanta City Council if they win

The next president of the Atlanta City Council will seek to create a more independent body that will be dedicated to transparency and reforming the city’s procurement process.

The Center for Civic Innovation held a leadership breakfast Thursday morning with the two candidates in the run-off for City Council President – Felicia Moore and Alex Wan – two existing district Councilmembers.

Board of Education candidate Q and A: Kandis Wood Jackson

Kandis Wood Jackson is an attorney and former Atlanta Public Schools teacher. She spoke to SaportaReport via email. Campaign website Q: What’s your No. 1 concern for the students of Atlanta? Equity across the district. Although all students in Atlanta deserve high-quality public education, there are wide discrepancies in the quality of education our students […]