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a polling place sign
A closeup picture of the covid virus
Empty Georgia House Chamber
Interior of the Georgia House of Representatives
The Jackson Street Bridge at night by Kemet Alston
An exterior view of the state Capitol in Atlanta
Exterior of 725 Ponce
People sitting at a conference table
Echo Street West sketch aerial view
A few commuters avail themselves of the toll lanes along the Northwest Corridor as trip times begin increasing at the onset of the afternoon rush on northbound lanes. Credit: David Pendered
An exterior view of the state Capitol in Atlanta
The doors of Georgia's old judiciary building depict blindfolded justice
Invest Atlanta logo
L-R: Doug Ammar from the Georgia Justice Project, Marilynn Winn from Women on the Rise, DeKalb DA Sherry Boston and John Helton from Atlanta CareerRise on a Feb. 10 panel discussion. Credit: Maggie Lee