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Debunking Top Real Estate Myths

Though the real estate industry is constantly evolving, long-thought myths are still plaguing the market and consumers’ decisions. This week, we debunk some of the most commonly thought myths including the truth behind moving to the suburbs, remodeling as an investment and licensed vs. registered mortgage loan originators. Myth #1: Suburbs Provide More Bang for […]

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The Continued Rise of Non-Bank Lenders

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal put a major spotlight on the growth of non-bank financial firms. The article illuminated that the growth of non-bank financial firms opens up substantial business opportunities for alternative forms of credit as traditional banks are experiencing tighter regulations from Washington. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Goldman […]

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How to Find the Right Homebuilder

You wouldn’t choose a doctor, babysitter or car mechanic without any background research, so why should you skimp on researching your homebuilder? Looking into homebuilders’ pasts can save time and massive repair bills in the future. A list of builders can be found on, the National Association of Home Builders’ home listing website, or […]