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A machine lifts away a big monumental obelisk
Dozens and dozens of people in a line in a parking lot
ICNA, backpacks distributed
The Intrenchment Creek Trailhead is mainly wooded and quiet — some would rather see a park with more amenities, if the county will pay for them. Credit: Maggie Lee
Decatur's Confederate monument, which neither the city nor DeKalb County wants. But state law protects it from easy removal. Credit: Kelly Jordan.
Park Pride Chapel Hill
Dr. Joe Bresee, flu fighter, said one myth about flu is that it's mild. In fact, flu can take you out of work for days and even put you in the hospital. Credit: Maggie Lee
MARTA Downtown. Credit: Kelly Jordan
DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester and state Rep. Meagan Hansen at the state Capitol office building on Wednesday, say it's time for DeKalb to get rid of the CEO form of government. Credit: State Senate video broadcast
Photo of Brandy Brown Rhodes cutting the ribbon dedicating the Derwin Brown Police Precinct on June 28.