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The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is partnering with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to conduct surveys on system ridership.

ARC contractors will board buses and trains this spring and again in the fall to study customer usage. The survey personnel will be wearing blue vests (as shown in the flyer) and a badge indicating they are conducting transit research.

The 32-question survey focuses on trip behavior, such as your origin and destination, and demographics. The responses will help inform transit infrastructure improvements and service planning. Onboard transit passenger studies are conducted every few years. ARC last performed a comprehensive survey for MARTA in 2009.

To ensure the data collected are statistically valid, passengers will be randomly selected to take the short survey. While volunteers are not allowed, the ARC and MARTA appreciate customers who agree to participate. Selected passengers will either be given a survey card to fill out or will be questioned by interviewers holding tablet computers.

Data compilation and analysis will begin at the conclusion of the survey in December with complete results presented to MARTA next April.


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