Junk bond rating issued for parent of SC nuclear plant, impact on Vogtle unclear

The financial fallout continues over the troubled nuclear construction projects in the Southeast, as Moody’s Investors Service on Monday slashed the credit rating of SCANA Corp. and its subsidiary that had been building a nuclear plant in South Carolina. The new rating action cites the hardening political climate in the Palmetto State as detrimental to SCANA’s financial posture.

Mercedes-Benz cites region's quality of life in relocation: Moody's report

It comes as no surprise that Moody’s Investors Service views Mercedes-Benz’s relocation to metro Atlanta as a “credit positive” for Atlanta and Fulton County.

What does stand out in Moody’s report is the set of reasons for the relocation provided by the automotive company’s executives. “Quality of life” ranks on the list of motives to move from New Jersey to metro Atlanta.

Wall Street reviews Georgia's new limit on individual income tax rate

While political pundits review Georgia’s elections outcomes, Wall Street analysts have focused on the passage of an amendment to the Georgia Constitution that’s the first of its kind in the nation.

Moody’s Investors Services issued a report Friday that raises a cautionary flag over the amendment that caps Georgia’s individual income tax rate at 6 percent. The limit restricts the state’s ability to raise revenues, if necessary, the report observes.

Moody's raises warning flag over college application, enrollment trend

The nation’s colleges and universities face a new post-recession challenge in meeting their budgets, according to a report released Thursday by Moody’s Investors Service.

High school students who apply to college are less likely than ever to enroll. That’s because students are applying to a record number of schools and then enrolling where they get the best deal. Schools left in the lurch run the risk of providing too many resources – teachers and classes and such – for the actual student body.

This matters because the entire U.S. higher education sector already is facing tremendous fiscal challenges.