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Rare scenes of shark feeding, cold water coral in Georgia’s new Hope Spot marine sanctuary

A video tour posted by marine scientists provides a close-up look at life forms in the deep waters of Georgia’s newly named Hope Spot marine conservation area. Videos give first-ever glimpses of cold water corals on a sea bottom once thought to be barren sediment, and a soup-to-nuts view of sharks devouring a huge billfish – which a scientist observed was fairly graphic.

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Westside Park, surrounding communities at a critical juncture, deserve ‘complete’ leadership

By Guest Columnist NICK STEPHENS, an Atlanta writer and parks advocate

Earlier this year, over 15 years after it was first proposed, construction on the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry finally began. The promise of the huge greenspace has been spurring private development nearby. As the area prepares to undergo dramatic rapid change, community activists have been raising concerns, with one major project recently arousing controversy.

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Atlanta names head of resiliency, sustainability as Rockefeller Foundation shutters its aid

Atlanta has packed a lot into the stated goals of the city’s newly named chief sustainability officer – oversight of both resilience and sustainability. The appointment comes as the city’s main backer of its resiliency program, the Rockefeller Foundation, has all but eliminated its sponsorship of its worldwide, city-focused program.

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Making Atlanta proud – Purpose Built Communities

Atlanta-based Purpose Built Communities is gaining traction with a $6 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a total of seven new community members in its network.

Those two significant developments were announced at Purpose Built Communities 10th annual conference, meeting in Atlanta Monday through Wednesday at the Loew’s Atlanta Hotel in Midtown.