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After Atlanta BeltLine’s next round of construction, Northeast Trail will directly connect to Piedmont Park

Anyone living near the Atlanta BeltLine’s Northeast Trail will be seeing changes to the pathway during their morning walk or bike ride.  The Atlanta BeltLine team is moving forward with construction along Segment Two of the trail, which stretches from Westminster Dr. to Mayson St. Notably, this section will be the first to provide a […]

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Protecting trees: Replace cut/scrape housing with village conservation communities

By Guest Columnist GREG RAMSEY, founder of Village Habitat Design

Our last forests in and around Atlanta (The City of Trees) are under assault. Sites are needlessly being cut and scraped to further a suburban, conventional style development pattern that has consumed most of the woodlands and farms in and around Atlanta. We are left with a limited number of “forest enclaves” on the remaining private tracts of land, and they are awaiting a similar fate.