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Solving Atlanta’s craft labor shortage: Changing perceptions, continuing education

By Guest Columnist KEVIN KUNTZ, president of the Southeast Division of McCarthy Building Co., Inc. and president of the Associated General Contractors of Georgia

The metro Atlanta landscape is rapidly changing, with a number of new developments on the horizon. The region is one of the United States more active construction markets, with a number of large-scale construction projects….

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In era of government scarcity, public-private partnerships bridge community needs

By Eric Tanenblatt, Rick Jackson [Ed. note: This article first appeared in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.] Solving problems like poverty, or inequities in housing, education or healthcare, is an expensive undertaking, and the gap between what’s required and what’s actually available, especially from public resource pools, is dramatic and widening. With every passing day, the social and […]

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Keep up with lessons while you learn a lesson

By Vanessa Meyer, program officer, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta We often hear about the challenges of the “summer slide” – too many students lack access to quality education and enrichment opportunities during the summer break, and lose valuable knowledge and skills gained during the academic year, especially in core subject areas such as reading […]

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Unleashing the superpower of philanthropy: Matching the passions of donors with purposes of nonprofits

By Alicia Philipp, president, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta What do a generous family, a trusted financial advisor and Atlanta’s beloved, annual Dragon Con have in common with Superman and Batman? Each of them has a superpower that lifts our region to greater positive impact through philanthropy! Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta recently published our […]

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Learn4Life releases its second annual progress report

A regional initiative to improve educational outcomes in metro Atlanta’s five core counties – Learn4Life – released its second annual report at a Metro Atlanta Chamber event Tuesday morning.

The “State of Education in Metro Atlanta” report highlights the cradle-to-grave approach to improve outcomes for all students. Learn4Life encompasses eight school districts in those five counties – Atlanta, Fulton, DeKalb, Decatur, Cobb, Marietta, Gwinnett and Clayton.

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Georgia leads in addressing school climate

By Guest Columnist CAITLIN DAUGHERTY KOKENES, project manager at the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education

Recent events such as the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February and similar occurrences across the country have brought to light the importance of school safety and student mental health.

As students, parents, administrators, and others search for ways to ensure that schools are safe places, some may be surprised to know that Georgia is a leader among states when it comes to making a concentrated effort to address and improve school climate….

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Georgia’s education system: Much better than we hear about

By Guest Columnist MATT CARDOZA, communications director for the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education

Have you ever heard that Georgia is first in education? Probably not. Have you ever heard that Georgia is last in education? Probably so.

When you hear Georgia is last in education, that is typically based on one measure – SAT results. Like many education measures, apples-to-apples comparisons are difficult to glean from SAT results. For example, the top-ranked state in the nation based on the most recent comparable (2016) SAT results was Illinois. Only 3 percent of their students took the SAT, compared to 67 percent of Georgia students.

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School leadership – challenges and new opportunities

By Guest Columnist DANA RICKMAN, PhD, the director for policy and research at the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education

Successful schools and school systems need strong leaders. Research has shown that leadership influences student learning, and among all school-related factors that contribute to what students learn at school, leadership is second only to classroom instruction. In schools and systems that have more challenges, leadership is even more impactful. Turning around troubled schools demands the intervention of a powerful leader.

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Atlanta’s public policymakers must put children first

By Guest Columnist MERIA CARSTARPHEN, superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools

Atlanta – as the birthplace of a King, the crucible of the Civil Rights Movement and the international gateway to the Southeastern United States – is a city of innovation and spirit. Yet it is also a city entrenched in inequities that prevent children from living the choice-filled lives they deserve.

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Improved education outcomes can make the grade in our region

By Lesley Grady, senior vice president, community, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta In 2016, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta launched Impact Areas with measurable objectives as a way to focus our financial, partnership and advocacy investments in the Atlanta region, backed by a dashboard that captures baseline values and reveals those, transparently, to our […]