Cachers plan logically to celebrate irrational, extraordinary Pi Day

This Saturday (3/14/15) at 9:26 a.m. plus 53 seconds, Myles Villoria and other high-tech treasure hunters in Georgia will throw pies in each other’s faces. The event is Pi Day, the worldwide celebration of the mathematical constant expressed in the Greek alphabet as π, and the celebrants are geocachers, people who use GPS technology to find stashes of prizes and mementos hidden all over the earth.

MARTA to open bids today for land in Midtown, Stone Mountain Village

MARTA officials today are slated to open bids for land MARTA intends to sell near the Arts Center Station in Midtown, and an additional property in Stone Mountain.

The minimum prices set by MARTA indicate that a sliver of land in Midtown is significantly more valuable than a parcel in Stone Mountain.

The Midtown site is barely more than a tenth the size of the one in Stone Mountain. The minimum price for this tract is set at about 75 percent of the Stone Mountain parcel, according to bid documents.

Color Runs: The Peachtree Road Race’s millennial offspring

The Peachtree Road Race on July 4 is rooted in a time when running wasn’t popular. Out on the multicolored, millennial fringes of outdoor recreation for young adults, the clenched-teeth grind is passé.

By turning up the party, color runs have become a popular mixing zone for socializing, sweating, and social media. If anything was tailor made for the selfie and the “unique shareable experiences” craved by the millennial generation, it’s a color run.